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Case study on critical understanding of the treatment and sentencing Essay

Contextual investigation on basic comprehension of the treatment and condemning of youngsters - Essay Example The six components were articulated in the Morgan Report: Safer Communities: the Local Delivery of Crime Prevention through the Partnership Approach Home Office Standing Conference on Crime Prevention which were actualized by the 1998 Act. The six components can be summed up as follows: With regards to this command, the police include a choice inside the degree and scope of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 whether to arraign James. Under Section 65, the constable could have only cautioned and censured James if James had no predecessors or his confinement and indictment would not be in the open interest.2 On the realities be that as it may, James has been arrested and the assumption is that the capturing official either knows about James’ having submitted past offenses or that his lead is with the end goal that detainment and arraignment would not irritate the open intrigue. Segment 69 presents an Action Plan Order which is intended to help in the restoration of indicted youth guilty parties. This game-plan might be regulated to James in the occasion he is indicted for ambush under the Offenses Against the Person Act. The Action Plan Order is accessible to any kid or youngster who is sentenced for an offense and the punishment isn't fixed by law. Segment 42 of the Offenses Against the Person Act 1861 gives the condemning court choices of two months detainment as well as fines for a conviction in regard of regular attack or battery.3 Therefore the punishment for James’ offense isn't fixed by law and he is qualified for the Action Plan Order. By goodness of the Action Plan Order, James will be required to be under the management of an assigned official for a time of a quarter of a year following the date of the request. represent his direct and whereabouts for a quarter of a year initiating from the date of the order.4 The condemning court may likewise make a Reparation Order under Section 67 of the Crime

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Free Essays on Ecology

Environments An environment is the least complex element that can support life. At its generally fundamental, an environment comprises of a few animal varieties and a liquid medium (air, water, or both); it supports two procedures, the cycling of substance components and the progression of vitality. Biology: Scientific investigation of connections among creatures and their condition The living piece of an environment is the natural network, which is a lot of animal categories associated by food networks and trophic levels. A trophic level: Group of life forms with a similar relative situation inside the evolved way of life. (troph = sustenance) Trophic levels first Trophic Level alluded to as Producers or autotrophs (auto = self). are living beings which make their own food from inorganic synthetic compounds and a wellspring of vitality. For example green plants blue green growth and bacteriu second Trophic Level: Consumers = Heterotrophs (hetero = other, extraordinary). Essential purchasers = herbivores E.g. grasshoppers, dairy animals third Trophic level: Meat eater (optional) Consumers: lynx, meadowlarks. fourth Trophic level: a. Omnivores: (eat plant and creatures) for example people, mountain bears. b. Tertiary purchasers E.g. carnivores which eat carnivores (birds of prey, bass) c. Decomposers/scroungers: E.g. live off the dead biotic remains and squanders (worms, creepy crawlies). Strength: alludes to the species that are generally plentiful or in any case generally significant inside the network. In the hotsprings certain microbes endure greater at certain temperatures than others. In this way the springs are hued by the prevailing microscopic organisms as per temperature Earthbound Food Web first Trophic: grasses, herbs, trees second Trophic: herbivores that eat upon the grasses (mice, pine borers, deer) third Trophic: Carnivores (creepy crawlies, birds of prey [3 and 4 level] fourth Trophic: Omnivores (wild bears, individuals) Maritime Food Web more perplexing than earthbound food networks first Trophic: phytoplankton live on a superficial level condition of the sea. Green growth. second Trophic: h... Free Essays on Ecology Free Essays on Ecology Biological systems A biological system is the most straightforward element that can support life. At its generally essential, an environment comprises of a few animal categories and a liquid medium (air, water, or both); it supports two procedures, the cycling of synthetic components and the progression of vitality. Biology: Scientific investigation of connections among creatures and their condition The living piece of an environment is the natural network, which is a lot of animal categories associated by food networks and trophic levels. A trophic level: Group of creatures with a similar relative situation inside the evolved way of life. (troph = sustenance) Trophic levels first Trophic Level alluded to as Producers or autotrophs (auto = self). are living beings which make their own food from inorganic synthetic compounds and a wellspring of vitality. For example green plants blue green growth and bacteriu second Trophic Level: Consumers = Heterotrophs (hetero = other, unique). Essential customers = herbivores E.g. grasshoppers, cows third Trophic level: Meat eater (auxiliary) Consumers: lynx, meadowlarks. fourth Trophic level: a. Omnivores: (eat plant and creatures) for example people, mountain bears. b. Tertiary purchasers E.g. carnivores which eat carnivores (birds of prey, bass) c. Decomposers/foragers: E.g. live off the dead biotic remains and squanders (night crawlers, bugs). Predominance: alludes to the species that are generally bounteous or in any case generally significant inside the network. In the hotsprings certain microbes endure greater at certain temperatures than others. Along these lines the springs are shaded by the prevailing microscopic organisms as indicated by temperature Earthbound Food Web first Trophic: grasses, herbs, trees second Trophic: herbivores that munch upon the grasses (mice, pine borers, deer) third Trophic: Carnivores (bugs, birds of prey [3 and 4 level] fourth Trophic: Omnivores (wild bears, individuals) Maritime Food Web more mind boggling than earthbound food networks first Trophic: phytoplankton live on a superficial level condition of the sea. Green growth. second Trophic: h...

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How to Write a Good Research Paper

How to Write a Good Research PaperGood research papers are essential for graduate and postgraduate research. They tell the student how much they will need to study, and what the research plan is for the future. They should be able to communicate ideas and implications clearly to the reader. This article briefly looks at some of the different aspects of good research papers.''s paper' is a generic term that encompasses many different approaches and styles of writing. It is the first thing the reader will see and may influence their opinions of the research. It can also be described as 'the element of exposition'. The phrase is often used in a quotation context, but sometimes it also means anything which is presented in a general way to the reader, such as a map or an oil painting. The element of exposition is quite hard to control, especially if the writer has a good grasp of what he/she is trying to convey. By controlling the exposition, the writer has much more control over the read er.A good paper has an introductory section. This is a brief introduction to the entire topic. This section is then followed by a discussion of the main conclusions drawn in the article. In other words, this section tells the reader what they should expect to find in the paper. This part of the research paper can be as short as a paragraph, or as long as a chapter in the research paper itself.The next section is the conclusion. This is the most important part of the research paper. It is there that the reader should find the logic for why the entire process of the research is relevant. The conclusion also highlights some of the points that the writer feels should be discussed further. This part of the research paper is usually extended to include a few paragraphs summarizing the remainder of the paper.The final section is the conclusions. These are typically long and contain a number of supporting statements. The author writes this section to give support to the conclusions that wer e made in the rest of the paper. This is used in order to move the research paper away from the thesis statement that was made in the opening section.There are several methods that can be used to improve a research paper. These range from rewriting the research paper to keeping track of how well a writer has done. It is important to find a good balance between all three of these methods.Writing software can be used to help the writer. This software will help the writer by providing guidelines on how to structure a research paper. It can also track how well the writer has written. When a writer uses these programs, it is important to be careful not to write too much in one go. Doing this will increase the chances of having too much information on one page.A good research paper should be both logical and to the point. It should have good writing, with a clear outline for the future research. The paper should be easy to read, and contain many details that will make it appealing to the reader.

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Apple Case - International Business Management and Strategy

International Business Management and Strategy Mid Term Paper: â€Å"Apple Inc in 2010† 1. Historically, what were Apple’s main competitive advantages? Apple Computer’s 30-year history is full of highs and lows, which is what we would expect in a highly innovative company. They evolved throughout the years into an organization that is very much a representation of its leader, Steven Jobs. Apple made several hugely successful product introductions over the years. As the outset, Apple had many competitive advantages that allowed it to become a profitable business. Apple s innovation has always been its hallmark. Beginning with the first Apple till the iPad; Apple products have†¦show more content†¦Which is why Apple has become not just a software company, but also a digital asset management company. Apple announced at their event on September 9th 2009 that they have the credit card account information of more than 100 million consumers through iTunes. Making them one of the biggest digital retailers, if not retailers in general, in the world. Good consumer psychology would tell us that once a consumer trusts a brand enough to set up an account and give credit card information on the assumption of future purchases (you have to give a credit card to even set up an iTunes account), the consumer will consider that retail outlet first in making purchases. It is also fashionable to have an Apple computer, as a recent Microsoft Ad proclaims that some people are just â€Å"not cool enough to be a Mac person† Apple is set apart from its competition by its combination of hardware and software, by the content gate-keeper strategy embodied in iTunes, and by their successful retail strategy. While there are many other reasons in the company’s history for their success in recent years, these are the dominant themes of their astounding success. Companies looking to compete with Apple need to know that it is not impossible, however they will need to pick their battles wisely, innovate on their differentiation, and focus heavily on being the best solution in the market for the problems they are trying to solve. 2. Analyze theShow MoreRelatedBusiness Level Strategies of Apple1397 Words   |  6 Pages The corporation picked for this paper is Apple. The business level strategies that Apple applies are all relying on the same important concept: innovation. Innovation, as a business level strategy at Apple, does not mean only creating new products, but improving the existing portfolio of products. The company does not rely, nowadays, on revenues driven by new products, but rather by the consolidation and improvement of the existing line. For example, the new iPad models that appear are buildingRead MoreResource Management At Apple Inc.1146 Words   |  5 PagesResource Management Resource management is another interesting and important topic in the business of various organizations engaged in the manufacturing and sale of goods and service. Several organizations in the technology industry have managed to make investments in this industry, and thus it is important to monitor the use of various resources to avoid wastage. Resource management is currently considered as a strategy that is focused on reducing the cost of production and thus reducing the costRead MoreOperations Management Is The Branch Of Management’S Science1571 Words   |  7 PagesOperations Management is the branch of management’s science concerned in studying how to achieve successful management with the day-by-day operations of an organization. This study is dedicated in developing and applying the methods that are necessary to achieve business and operations improvement of the company. You may find operations problems in any area of the company and production and those problems may start in buying the feedstock of the products and go from there to even the distributionRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Apple Company s Management Team1380 Words   |  6 Pagesactivities that the management of any organization partakes. Essentially, it is the responsibility of the management teams to analyse information and data that plays the role in decision-making. Global companies among other large business entities demand complex methods of determining the strengths and weaknesses of the entities. PEST and SWOT are the universally accepted approaches of making decision by managers (Jeynes, 2013). Examples of companies that utilize these tools are the Apple Company Inc. ideally;Read MoreApple s Supply Chain Is A Huge Reason For Its Success1539 Words   |  7 Pagesforce Apple to either adapt their ways of doing business or get left behind. High tech industries tend to be very volatile. Doing market research slows down the actual release of their products and could be detrimental depending on how fast other companies catch up to their technology or how consumers’ demands change. Just because the iPhone is very popular now, that doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. A competitor may release something that consumers like more and as a result, Apple willRead MoreBenefits Of Sustaining A Competitive Advantage For Apple Inc.1297 Words   |  6 Pageshard for Apple Inc. as noticed in the Harvard Business School Premier Case. Therefore, this paper is an analysis of Apple, Inc. based on a 7-year old case written by David Yoffie and Michael Slind published by Harvard Business School (Yoffie, et al., 2008). The following paper examines in detail the strategies utilized by the company as outlined in the strategic management steps. Several recommendations are also proposed to handle the issues surrounding t he organization. Summation Apple Inc. wasRead MoreThe Social Responsibility Of Apple Inc.1687 Words   |  7 PagesCompany of Choice: Apple Inc. The Social Responsibility of Apple Inc. By definition, social responsibility is known as the ethical framework and provides suggestions that an organization or an individuals, feels obliged to act so that the benefit is felt across the organization. It is that duty that every individual has of performing so as to ensure proper maintenance of balancing amid the economy and the organizational ecosystems. Apple Inc. has a well outlined social responsibility that works toRead MoreChallenges Of The Global Business Environment1175 Words   |  5 PagesChallenges in the Global Business Environment Joseph D. Williams Dr. Stephanie Dunston Strayer University BUS 475 Business and Society 16 August 2016 Changes that Apple has made to its Code of Conduct Apple Incorporation, to advance its Code of Conducts and efficient operation, has made the decision to disclose the names and locations of supplier factories. In 2014, Apple Incorporation released the supplier’s responsibility report that was describing the standard responsibilities and the CompaniesRead MoreHow Recent Economic Trends Influence Business Essay1588 Words   |  7 PagesHow recent economic trends are influencing the business A firm and its management are affected by many factors present in its environment and this because a business can not operate in vacuum. The factors existing in a business’ environment are beyond control by a firm and the factors affects how a business operates and performs in the market (Li, 2008). Other macro environmental factors besides economic that affect business performance include political factors, social, demographic or ecologicalRead MoreCompetitive Rivalry And Competition With Apple1735 Words   |  7 Pages Competitive Rivalry or Competition with Apple (Strong Force): this force play very important role in Apple industry as Apple faces the strong force of competition There are many companies in the world who stand at the front of Apple to compete it.Spite of it Apple is able to know the strength of impact of comptitors with the help of Porter’s Five Forces analysis model which depend on the following external factors: 1. High aggressiveness of firms (strong force) 2. Low switching cost (strong

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Enterprise Architecture Justification Paper Va Dmv

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Enterprise Architecture Justification Paper Case Study Written by: June 14, 2000 IFSM 311 Professor To consider what enterprise architecture means, it is important to understand its origin. All architecture within information technology can track its ancestry back to the lessons learned from building architecture. Enterprise Architecture is the description and visualization of the structure, a blueprint if you will, of a given area of contemplation, its elements and their collaborations and interrelations links vision, strategy and feasibility, focusing on usability durability and effectiveness. Architecture enables construction, defining principles, rules, standards and guidelines,†¦show more content†¦More advantages of having an enterprise architecture include improved decision making, improved adaptability to changing demands or market conditions, elimination of inefficient and redundant processes, optimization of the use of organizational assets, and minimization of employee turnover (Rouse, 2015). The cost-savings, business improvement, new customer segments and majo r new competitive strategies can bring significant return on investment (ROI) utilizing the enterprise architecture program. The strategic planning process which converts a business vision and strategy into an effective enterprise change is the goal of enterprise architecture program (McGovern, Ambler, Stevens, Linn, 2004). The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Customer-centric, Service Oriented, State-of-the-art, Secure, Intelligent (CSI) systems redesign project would benefit from the application and use of an enterprise architecture program. The enterprise architecture team will work with many stakeholders within the DMV organization to outline the goals of the organization in terms of requirements, values, and ideal solutions that will help reach their objectives. The blueprinted solution needs to be customer focused and service oriented while addressing all of the DMV CSI redesign properties which includes system security, and state-of-the-art methods to support the new processes. Some more applicable benefits of having an Enterprise

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Leadership Styles Of Team Leadership - 959 Words

I have been analyzing your problems and concerns at DPU. My understanding is that you are having problems with your team embracing the FISH! philosophy, and that there is a lack of employee engagement from your directors in charge of the various departments at DPU. I have done some research on leadership in regards to different approaches to team leadership. I wanted to share with you what I discovered. I researched three different styles of team leadership to be able to provide you with a sufficient amount of background to be confident in my recommendation for you. Leadership It is appropriate that I mention a few things about leadership prior to delving into different leadership styles. In my research, I learned that the success of a leadership style can depend on the type of industry you are working in. Different styles will tend to be more effective in different working environments (Cunningham, Salomone, Wielgus, 2015). It is also known that different leadership styles i nduce various levels of how teams work together, team and individual job satisfaction, and self-esteem (Ruggieri, Abbate, 2013). The leadership style of the leader is the main vehicle that a manager can use in order to increase the rate of success of their team (Cunningham, et al., 2015). By choosing an effective leadership style, you will have the opportunity to reduce employee turnover ratios, achieve the goals of the organizational, and improve employee’s productivity andShow MoreRelatedLeadership Style And Its Affect On Teams981 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership and Teams In todays work environment with undoubtedly constant business changes and ever-changing goals and objectives, it’s important to understand a groups normalcies and how the group interacts with each other. There are a variety of different leadership styles and characteristics that make up these styles. In this essay we will discuss a Participative leadership style and its affect on teams. We will review the specific tenets a Participative leader follows in order to reach goalsRead MoreThe First Leadership Style That I Chose Is The Team Leadership.1668 Words   |  7 PagesThe first leadership style that I chose is the Team Leadership. I think that team leadership is a great style to use for management because everything is stronger when it is pulled together. Strong team leaders can motivate and guide your business teams so they complete tasks and make decisions effectively. Whether the team chooses its leader or you appoint one, no single leadership approach guarantees succ ess. A team that does well with a strong leader may fail under the guidance of someone withRead MoreLeadership Style And Team Performance On Different Tasks Essay969 Words   |  4 Pages Leadership Style and Team Performance on Different Tasks University of Southern California Shu Wang â€Æ' As today’s management strategy of organizations is increasingly focused on collaboration and work efficiency, effective leadership is placed in an exceptionally important position more than ever. According to statistics, managers spend about 40% of their time working in groups or teams (Offerman and Spiros, 2001). Empirical researches have shown that effective communication and the abilityRead MoreCoaching Leadership Styles Have On Team Culture2388 Words   |  10 PagesOftentimes in sports, coach’s contributions get overlooked while players garner most of the attention. When teams find success, it’s the players who receive the majority of the credit, while the coaches are often left in the background. Oppositely, when teams experience failure it’s the coaches who receive most of the criticism, not the players. In reality, organizations and teams are made up of multiple components, each having an effect on one another. Depending on the level of the sport, playerRead MoreLeadership Styles Developed By Sogeti With The Team Park Implementation866 Words   |  4 Pageson the leadership styles utilized by Sogeti with the Team Park implementation. The purpose of the platform was to foster collaboration and sharing of ideas across a global network. The program was intentionally designed to be fluid without a formal internal leadership structure other than having community owners to assure proper manners and maintain order within the community. However, there are two very important leadership concepts to be considered under this new paradigm. They are team leadershipRead MoreTeam Cohesion, Leadership Styles And Finally Personal Factors1733 Words   |  7 Pagesconcepts contribute to the influence on team cohesion. The main concepts in greater detail are, task cohesion, leadership styles and finally personal factors. Task cohesion has been found to be extremely important when it comes to team cohesion. Research shows that if a team has a mutual goal they are more likely to put their differences aside and become a cohesive unit. Leadership also has a positive influence on cohesion. Depending on the type of leadership, it can lead to either positive or negativeRead MoreHow Leadership Styles Can Affect Performance Within Teams1983 Words   |  8 Pagesin the clinical ward and outlying areas. Advancements in computer technology, telemedicine and the effects of the baby boomer generation aging are taking its toll and nursing leadership is a prerequisite to keep up with the diversities encountered. More collaboration is essential with allied services requiring nursing teams to perform effectively to match the challenges faced. Perioperative is one of the front line services and a large consumer of a health care budget. Managing the Operating RoomRead MoreEffectiveness Of Leadership Skills Styles At Team Level Management Position3100 Words   |  13 Pagesfactors such as leader-follower relations, leadership styles an d situational factors (Reynolds Rogers, 2003). An effective leader should also be flexible, innovative and wisely use his/her power statics to improve organizational performance (Crutchfield Roughton, 2013; Davidson, 2012; Norton, 2010). Based on these concepts, this report aims to explore the effectiveness of leadership skills styles at team level management position in maximizing team performance in Real Estate Industry, especiallyRead MoreLeadership Style Using The Three Diagram Circle Of Task, Team, And Individual1218 Words   |  5 Pagesto evaluate leadership style using the three diagram circle of task, team, and individual. The author explores two notable leaders, Adolf Hitler and Pablo Escobar, and explores the two leaders as good and the dark. The paper then describes the comparison of the two leaders, how the leader succeeded and how the leader failed. The framework described in the beginning of the paper will analyze the author’s leadership style in her work place and uses an example to determine what leadership skills sheRead MoreLeadership Style Self-Analysis Essay1657 Words   |  7 Pages(1)Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style. My leadership style is problem solver; this leadership style offers me the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and experience of my followers. I believe that I am more of this leadership style because I tend to accept input from group members when making decisions and solving problems. I do this because I feel that everyone in the group have something tangible to contribute to the group, and sometimes they might have access to

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Vacation free essay sample

Since my early childhood my parents have always told me to enjoy every part of my life, no matter how ordinary it may seem. Before the summer of 2005, I never thought that there was anything special about living in Sugar Land, Texas. To me the freeways, flat plains, and country music never seemed like anything I could ever miss. For the longest time all I wanted was to get out of Texas, but when I had the chance to leave, all I could think about was coming home again. For most people spending three weeks traversing along the Tuscan countryside is a dream vacation. The rolling hills and breathtaking views have attracted tourists, including my family, to the Italian countryside for generations. During my first week abroad, I’ll admit that I soaked up the foreign atmosphere. The idea of a new and mysterious language, cuisine and culture fascinated me. For those seven days I was totally absorbed in becoming something I could never be- Italian. We will write a custom essay sample on Vacation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It was almost as if I wished to abandon my own heritage and identity for something new that had no relation to me at all. At some point along the picturesque drive between Florence and Genoa, it hit me: I didn’t want to throw away who I was for any foreign wonders. I couldn’t deny the fact that Italy was a magnificent country, but I had no emotional connection with it. Sugar Land was my home, and it was where I belonged. From this pivotal moment on, all I yearned for was to return home. Every time a waiter served me gnocchi, I imagined it was a double cheeseburger from Original Eat’s. I no longer felt wonder and awe when touring the ancient Roman ruins; I just saw old rocks. The Italian countryside no longer felt magical and mysterious to me, and by that point, it was time to go home. The nine-hour plane ride felt like an eternity, but once we touched down a tingling sensation spread throughout my body. I was finally home again, and I couldn’t wait to set foot into the beautifully muggy Sugar Land atmosphere! The entire ride home all I could notice was how amazing and gorgeous Texas really was. There was so much beauty hidden in each and every corner that I found it overwhelming. I’d never thought that I would miss Sugar Land, but coming home I realized that it was a true part of who I was. The flat, green land was the foundation of my spirit and the blue, Southern skies were the inspiration to my soul. I realized that I was truly Texan, and that all my surroundings had helped shape me into who I was. I think it’s interesting how I could never identify with my home until I left it. Now I understand that the everyday parts of my life in Sugar Land are really the most prized treasures in my heart. Now looking back, all my time spent living in Sugar Land makes me smile. Living in Sugar Land has provided me with two important tools: my home, and my sense of myself. There’s no doubt that I would be completely different person if I had never moved to Sugar Land. There’s no place in the world that I identify with more than Sugar Land, and I think it’s like that for anyone who’s grown to love the city. The landscape, along with the people, has helped form every inch of my soul, mind and heart. For me, living in Sugar Land is more than just being in a place; its being somewhere that I call home. Now I can confidently say that being a Texan is who I am, and there’s no way I would ever change that.